SPIDERLAN Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #269: Does my operating system support the SPIDERLAN?
Answer: Basically if your OS has drivers for the PCnetTM-FAST III Ethernet Controller, it will work with the SPIDERLAN.

Please note that from Win8 onwards, there are no suitable Windows drivers available.
Also note that there are no 64bit drivers.

Question #300: I try to use a SPIDERLAN-2 and another PC104+ card, but either one half of the SPIDERLAN-2, the PC104+ card or both do not work correctly.
Answer: The SPIDERLAN-2 implements two completely separated PCI devices on a single PC104+ card. So two consecutive slot numbers need to be reserved for the SPIDERLAN-2 to work properly. Please check chapter 3.2 "Switch Settings" of the "SPIDERLAN User's Manual" for more information.

Question #303: Can I use only the switch functionality of the SPIDERLAN to build a "standalone" 4-port or 8-port switch?
Answer: No, the SPIDERLAN is NOT designed for this purpose. The SPIDERLAN is a PC104+ peripheral card offering basically 1 or 2 ethernet controllers. For more information, please check this MPL FAQ entry (Question #254) or the block diagrams in chapter 4 of the "SPIDERLAN User's Manual".

Instead MPL offers the SPIMS4 module as standalone 4-port ethernet switch. Note that this module needs an external power supply of 3.3V.

Question #349: Can this PC/104-Plus card also be used in a system with a PC/104 (ISA part) only stack?
Answer: No. As this card is based on one (or more) PCI interface chips, the use of a PC/104-Plus capable host system is mandatory. The main purpose to the provided PC/104 connector is to pass-through the ISA signals to allow the installation of additional PC/104 cards.

Question #253: How many SPIDERLAN boards can I use?
Answer: The PC/104-Plus bus can handle up to 3 bus master devices. The SPIDERLAN-2 implements 2 bus master devices however, so you are limited to one SPIDERLAN-2 and one SPIDERLAN-1 or tree SPIDERLAN-1 if no other PCI bus master devices are used.

Question #254: What is so special on the SPIDERLAN?
Answer: The SPIDERLAN-1 variants consist of a PCnet FAST Ethernet controller and a 5-port switch built onto the same PC/104-Plus card. The Ethernet controller is connected internally with the port 0 of the switch, so you have 4 ports left for external connectors. Instead of buying two SPIDERLAN-1, you can buy one SPIDERLAN-2 version. You will get two ethernet controllers, each of them connected to his own 5-port switch resulting in 2 x 4 externally available ports.
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