PCCARD Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #349: Can this PC/104-Plus card also be used in a system with a PC/104 (ISA part) only stack?
Answer: No. As this card is based on one (or more) PCI interface chips, the use of a PC/104-Plus capable host system is mandatory. The main purpose to the provided PC/104 connector is to pass-through the ISA signals to allow the installation of additional PC/104 cards.

Question #298: I'm trying to use a 16bit PCcard with MPL PCCARD adapter on a MPL SBC under Windows 9x / 2000 / XP, but it does not seem to be correctly recognized by the OS.
Answer: To correctly identify an inserted 16bit PCcard, the card's CIS has to be accessible in a memory range below 1MiB. Please check the following two BIOS settings to make sure that the memory accesses are forwarded to the appropriate device:

  • Disable one of the Shadow ROM entries, 0xDC000 is normally a good choice:
"Shadow 16KB ROM at DC00: Disabled"
  • Activate PC/104 MEM Base Addr/Length in a way that matches the Shadow ROM setting above:
"PC/104 MEM Base Addr: DC000h"
"PC/104 MEM Length: 16k"

Note: In earlier BIOS versions, these options were named "Used MEM Base Addr/Length".

For more information about the BIOS settings used above, please have a look at the "BIOS User's Manual" for you MPL SBC, which is available here: MPL Documentation Page.

Question #239: Does the PCCard-M work together with the MIP405?
Answer: Unfortunately, no. The PCCard-M needs 3.3V and 5V power, but the MIP405 supplies only 5V on the PC/104-PLUS connector. If you want to use the PCCard-M (with the longer PCB) with the MIP405 you have to choose the PCCard-MC1 variant or you have to supply additionally 3.3V to the PCCard-M over the PC/104-PLUS connector from an other power supply.
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