IPM6 Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #345: I'm having trouble to get an USB device to work with one of your SBC. Either the USB device is not working reliable (or not at all) or the MPL SBC is even being reset if I insert the plug into the USB port or if the device is activated. The same USB device works without problem if I connect it to my laptop/desktop.
Answer: Is the USB device powered from the USB port only (no external power supply is being used)? If yes, your USB device most probably needs more power than it is allowed to do. The USB standard specifies that an USB device must not consume more than 500mA for USB2.0 / 900mA for USB3.0 (even not more than 100mA before being successfully initialized). For all USB peripherals with higher power requirements than the values mentioned above, the use of an external power supply is mandatory.
So please make sure that you use an external power supply or try to find another, standard conforming USB device.

Please note that the use of an "Y" shaped USB cable to "steal" power from a second, unused USB port is NOT a solution!

Question #226: How many serial ports can be used?
Answer: Either you can use two RS232 channels or you can route the two serial channels (TTL-Level) over Back Panel IO to a Rear Panel Board and there you can do everything with the two serial channels (like RS422, RS485, IrDA, ..). If you use the RS232 channels, one channel you have with all signals, one with RTS/CTS and RXD/TXD. On Rear Panel Board you have both serial channels with all signals for use.

Question #224: Does the IPM6 also works in a peripheral slot?
Answer: Yes, but it is totally separated from the CompactPCI Bus. Besides so there are additional Pull-Up's on the CompactPCI signals. Because of that the Compact PCI bus maybe fails.

Question #225: Which Memory Modules can be installed?
Answer: On the IPM6 there is one 144 pin SO-DIMM socket. The northbridge supports up to 4k refresh modules. Therefore maximum 128MByte modules can be equiped (the bigger modules have more than 4 k refresh).
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