MCRW Frequently Asked Questions

PDF Manuals, Data Sheets, and Press Releases can be found in the MPL Documentation area of this homepage.

Question #206: What protocols are implemented ?
  • Text mode: The text mode is the most sophisticated and for many applications most convenient access mode, as it handles the management of variable-length records automatically. Text mode can be used on SRAM and EEPROM cards and (with some restrictions) on linear FLASH cards only.
  • Fixed Block-Length Mode: This is the most general mode. While there are restrictions on the use of text and S-record modes, the fixed block mode can be used to access any card type. In Addition, Block mode is the fastest transfer mode of all as there is no conversion overhead at all. This mode allows to record any information (even 8 bit data), but due to the fact that control characters can not be distinguished from data, a predetermined number of characters must be sent. The size of each block can be defined from 1 to 32767 bytes for SRAM and linear FLASH cards. For ATA Cards, the block size is either 256 or 512 bytes.
  • Fixed Block-Length with Time Stamp: On MCRWs that are equipped with a real time clock (option), SRAM, EEPROM and Linear FLASH cards can be written in Block mode with an additional time stamp. The first six bytes of each block will contain date and time of the write operation in BCD format, inserted automatically by the MCRW.
  • S-Record Access: This is a standard transmission format which is used to allow reading and writing any byte within the memory card, no matter how formatted. The transmission format is known as Motorola S1/S9 Format and is widely used with PROM-Programmers. This access mode can not be used with cards that have a fixed block length like PC-ATA or ATA-FLASH cards.

To be able to access the MCRW you will need the information's from the MCRW Technical Reference Manual which is available from the PC-Card Reader/Writer Documentation area of this homepage.

Question #205: What drivers are available for the MCRW?
Answer: Support for the MCRW is normally built into the Application. We can offer a DOS driver that allows to access storage media in a MCRW as a DOS device. Please contact MPL AG for further information.
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