µTX2FX Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #429: I'm having trouble to establish a communication using the µTX2FX. The device has power, the SFP used is MSA compatible and working in another system. What's wrong?
Answer: Please make sure that the connection speeds on the copper- and on the fibre-side of the µTX2FX are identical.
The PHY-based µTX2FX, in contrast to the Switch-based TX2FX, does NOT support speed translation between its copper and fibre ports.
In other words: 100Mbps on copper and 1Gbps on fibre will NOT work, and vice versa.

Question #305: Where can I download a driver for the TX2FX | µTX2FX?
Answer: The TX2FX | µTX2FX is a simple media converter and does not need a driver.
Minimal configuration is done using the DIP switches on the PCB. Please check the "TX2FX User Manual" for more info.

Question #304: What IP address is the TX2FX | µTX2FX using? How can I assign a static IP address?
Answer: The TX2FX | µTX2FX is a simple media converter (working on OSI layer 2) and therefore completely transparent to IP traffic. There is no IP address associated with the TX2FX | µTX2FX.

Question #427: I'm having some trouble to connect the copper ethernet header signals of your µTX2FX correctly to my hardware.
Which of the DPx signals do I have to use?
Answer: If you are used to the TIA-568 signal naming scheme, the mapping is as shown below:

 TX2FX  TIA-568
 DP0  DA
 DP1  DB
 DP2  DC
 DP3  DD

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