MAXBES Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #423: Which SFP/SFP+ modules are being supported by the MAXBES?
Answer: As SFP/SFP+ modules should be designed according to the manufacture independent standard "SFP Multi Source Agreement" (MSA), every SFP/SFP+ module should work with the MAXBES. (Please note that there may be MAXBES specific limitations (e.g. "Fibre Channel" or "SONET" are NOT supported), so check the corresponding user manual for details.)

Long story short:
Every SFP/SFP+ which is MSA compatible and supports [100MBit|1GBit|10GBit] Ethernet should work with the MAXBES.

Question #352: Can the MAGBES / MAXBES be used to replace a full-featured network router?
Answer: Most probably not because the MAGBES / MAXBES is a OSI layer 2 network switch as described here: Wikipedia Network Switch.
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