GUARD Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #375: What operating system is installed on the GUARD?
Answer: All GUARDs come with OpenWrt preinstalled. This is a Linux based distribution specialized for firewall and routing tasks. For more information about OpenWrt, please check the Documentation and FAQ sections on the OpenWrt homepage.

Question #408:
  • Please provide a list of network protocols suppored by the GUARD?
  • For my application I must use network protocol XYZ. Does the GUARD support protocol XYZ?
  • The GUARD software is based on OpenWrt. The list of supported protocols is therefore (more or less) the same as the one of OpenWrt.
  • IIf OpenWrt has support for protocol XYZ, the odds are good that your desired protocol will as be available* on the GUARD.

* Depending on the precise requirements, some additional effort and/or manual configuration may be needed.

Question #378: Do you provide Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) functionality for the GUARD?
Answer: No.

Question #376: Is it possible to use some other OS than OpenWrt?
Answer: Certainly. But at the moment, only a Linux kernel is available from MPL AG, so only Linux based ARM operating systems (like, for example, debian) are supported. Please contact MPL support if you need assistance.
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