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This section contains general information FAQs. For product related questions, please go to the appropriate product in this support area and select FAQ from the menu.

Question #359: I sent a request to MPL Support some time ago but did not get any answer back from MPL so far. What's wrong?
Answer: Did you receive the automated reply from the MPL trouble ticket system?

  • If yes, your message was most probably either lacking some important information or was in conflict with MPL Support rules. Please make sure to follow the MPL Support guidelines (as mentioned on the "MPL Support page") to help MPL Support to handle the issue in the most efficient manner.
  • If no, are you sure that you have used the correct MPL Support email address?
    It may also be possible that your message was (wrongly) identified as SPAM and deleted before reaching MPL Support. In this case, please check that your sender system, outgoing mail server and/or ISP is NOT listed in one of the various RBL (Realtime Black Lists) used to fight SPAM.
    As a starting point, you can use the following links to isolate the problem on your side:

    If you are sure that the issue is not caused by SPAM, it also may be a (more or less) severe hiccup of the email delivery system. In this case, you should have received an error response of one of the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) handling your original message on its path from you to MPL. Please check the situation with your local system administrator or ISP.

Question #119: Some of your manuals or FAQs talk about "Serial Numbers": 
  • How does the serial number look like?
  • Where do I find the serial number?
Answer: MPL serial numbers are 4 or 5 digits long, followed by one (or more) character(s) in parentheses or a slash plus one (or more) character(s).

  • 1234 (X)
  • 12345 / X

Strings/Numbers starting with "ME" are NOT the serial number!

Depending on the product, the serial number is normally located on the top or the bottom of the housing, or on a sticker somewhere on the PCB.

Please note:
There may be exceptions to the above rules with respect to some customer specific products or housings!

Question #348: I have a problem with a product from manufacturer XYZ, but on closer inspection I think it's a re-labeled MPL product or based on a MPL design. Can you help me?
Answer: Several companies worldwide sell customized MPL OEM products under their own labels, so it is quite possible that your assumption is correct.
Nevertheless in general please contact manufacturer XYZ first about problems/support questions as MPL may not be aware of all the HW / SW details regarding a specific OEM product.

Question #332:
  • My MPL product needs repair. How do I proceed?
  • I need a shipping address to return a MPL product?
  • I need a RMA number to return a MPL product. How do I get one?
  • If you would like to return a MPL product for repair, just send it (including a detailed error description) to the address below:
Taefernstrasse 20
CH-5405 Baden-Daettwil

  • If you would like to return a demo / loan system, please contact MPL Sales to discuss the further course of action.
  • MPL is not using a RMA system or RMA numbers.
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