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Jan 2017 - Introducing unique Expansion Concept for Rugged Embedded Computer


The new expansion concept enhances MPL's rugged embedded computers similar to the LEGO bricks. The base board, already equipped with a broad variety of interfaces, can be expanded further with a wide range of options, add-ons and interfaces.

The base of MPL's embedded computers is the CPU board which is currently available from low performance Intel CPU up to i7 Quad Core. The base CPU board comes with standard connectors and a rugged aluminum housing with DIN-Rail or flange mount. Optional available are also M12 or MIL 38999 connectors. With this base, any requirement can be fulfilled, even meets standards like EN50155, IEC60945, and MIL-STD-810.

With this new LEGO concept, the base configuration of MPL's embedded systems can now be enhanced with the following expansion options:

Power Options: Standard input power range is 9-36 VDC with highly efficient on-board power circuitry.
Current available expansions: Redundant input,  galvanic separation from 9V up to 160VDC,  integrated UPS system for a temperature range from -40°C to +75°C.

Networking Options: Four LAN ports are integrated on the base board.
Current available expansions: Smart fiber converter,  4 port PoE+ GigE LAN controller,  5-port managed switch,  10-port managed switch,  10Gbit fiber ports.

Mass Storage Options: Four SATA and one mSATA ports are integrated  on the base board.
Current available expansions: Removable drive with torx or thumb screws,  hot swap RAID system up to 4 slots,  dual drive concept.

Internal Expansions Ports: The standard base board comes with 2x mPCIe and 1x PCI-104Express ports.
Current available expansions: GPU,  MXM,  XMC,  PMC,  PCIe,  mPCIe, all with conductive cooling concept.

Custom expansions:
If these expansions and the standard modules available on the market do not meet the customer's requirement (i.e. specification, environment, …), MPL's engineering department is providing a quick turnaround development service for special interfaces based on on-board PCIe/PCI interface.

This new expansion concept is unparalleled in the embedded and rugged computer market industy. It helps to differentiate the customers end product, but still have just one base board version and keeping maintenance,  stock, and efforts on a very low level. This, paired with the fact that the products are available for 10+ years and can be repaired at MPL for 20+ years, makes the Total Cost of Ownership extremely attractive.

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