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Nov 2012 - 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ Solution for the rugged environment


MPL AG, one of the key manufacturer of rugged embedded computers, has released a new embedded platform with the 3rd generation Intel Core processors, designed and produced exclusively in Switzerland. The new platform, called PIP30 Family, is equipped with the Intel CPUs from the Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge architecture in combination with the QM77 chipset.

In order to be able to ruggedize the solution, only the Intel mobile CPUs out of the embedded roadmap are being used. Processor, chipset, as well as the ECC DDR3 memory chips are soldered on-board, allowing to mount them direct to the housing for the best cooling. MPL has been providing this cooling concept for more then 16 years. The new PIP30 Family is designed such that the Fit & Form remains the same as when the first PIP was introduced in 1996.

The PIP30 Family has specifically been designed to withstand extreme environments. What does this mean? check for details!

The input of the PIP30 Family is reverse polarity and load dump protected. The input power range starts from 9VDC up to 36VDC, optionally up to 48VDC. The solution is designed such that an internal UPS system with battery can be added. If a galvanic separation is required due to standards e.g. for Marine or Mining applications, then this can be added internally as well.

The BIOS of the PIP30 Family is based on SecureCore Tiano by Phoenix Technologies. Founded on UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), this firmware features the latest in BIOS technology and adheres to the evolving UEFI standard. The BIOS unleashes the power that the latest generation of hardware provides, while maintaining comprehensive compatibility to legacy software. MPL has access to the source code of the BIOS, allowing customization according to special requirements from the customer, independent if this a splash screen, password protection, or other requirements for your project or application.

The PIP30 Family comes with a large set of interfaces and leaves hardly any wishes open. The units come with four GigE ports, up to seven USB (3.0 and 2.0), up to four serial lines (RS232/485), PS/2, external SATA port, and as specialty an external PCI-E port. Internally available are two SATA 3.0 and two SATA 2.0. The system comes with 8GB ECC DDR3 memory and can be expanded up to 16GB. The unit can easily be expanded over various expansion ports like 2 x miniPCIe, PCI-104, PCI/104-Express, or external PCI-Express x 16.

The PIP30 is the solution that will meet your needs today and tomorrow, and will be available for the next 10 years. The solution is offered in the standard PIP housing as well as in the MIL housing or as open-frame. Needless to say with the PIP30 solution you will be able to meet most severe standards like EN60945, MIL-810 EN50155 just to name a few.

More information about the PIP30 Family

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