MPL AG Newsletter March 2017
MPL AG Newsletter March 2017

MPL Embedded Computer used on Racing Sailboat
Valued reader,

It is our pleasure to announce that since January 2017, MPL AG is a technical partner for the Arnauld Godart-Philippe Sailing Team AGP. Arnauld is a professional sailor and participates in several international races. The team is stationed in Camaret sur Mer, near Brest in France.

Le Figaro Bénéteau II is the first true monotype of category A offshore racing. It is a modern boat using hi-tech materials, easy to carry even in windy conditions. Its wide hull and its double rudders, combined with an extremely strict weight specifications allow it to reach very high average speeds especially downwind, and the same under autopilot.

The new working instruments and boat navigation of Arnauld's race sailboat "Figaro No.38" is now working with the new PIP32 from MPL.

The solution is out of the rugged embedded computer Family of MPL. The product has been proven over years in industrial, defense, and railways applications. However this was not the main reason APG has chosen the PIP32. The key factor was, that since 2008, he has been using successfully a PIP11 In all his past racing days, the PIP never quit its function and securely brought him to the destinations. Needless to mention the severe environment the PIP had to function over the years, despite of humidity, vibration, or the unsteady power supply on the sail boat. Another key factor is the extreme low power consumption of the PIP models.

The PIP is being used to connect several sensors on the boat as well as for the navigation. Key for successful and fast sailing on the open sea. However, not only APG is relying in the maritime environment on the PIP and MPL, but research boats, oil platforms, Scada systems for power generation on boats, coastal guards as well has large boats installing power lines in the ocean.

If you have an application where you need a reliable performance (up to Quad Core i7) flexible and fanless computer or controller, then the PIP solution from MPL is the right solution as this short story proves.

MPL AG wishes the AGP Team with the new Figaro No.38 (Faun Boat) and the PIP32 many successful races.

If you would like to know more about MPL's Maritime Solutions you may click here, or if you are interested on information about Arnauld Godart-Philippe and his team or boat click here.

Kind regards,
Your MPL team
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