MXCS Options

Although the MPL server boards are traditionally equipped quite well, special interfaces are sometimes required in industrial applications. Therefore, we provide you with a selection of optional expansion modules to further extend the capabilities of the MPL server boards.

MXCS Options Matrix

Product / Function MXCS-CA MXCS-RK MXCS-ML MXCS-OF Comments
  Rugged Server, Compact Rugged Server, 19inch Rugged Server, MIL IP67 Rugged Server, Open Frame  
2 x RS232 expansion
RS232 module question
4 x USB 3.0 expansion
USB 3.0 expansion question
2 x LAN expansion 1Gbit
LAN Gbit expansion question
PCIe-104 board with 4 individual Gigabit Ethernet controller for 4 copper ports with RJ45 and PoE+
4x Gbit Ethernet with PoE+ question
Compact Ethernet Power Injector, supports PoE+ power up to 30W
PoE+ power injector question
Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Bypass switch
Ethernet Bypass question
8-Port RAID controller (Microsemi adaptec 8805)
RAID controller (8 ports) question
1 x drive bays for four 2.5" SSDs (in total up to 2 drive bays can be installed in 19" rack)
Drive Bays (SSDs) question
1 x drive bays for two 2.5" SSDs and one DVD bay (in total up to 2 drive bays can be installed in 19" rack)
Drive Bays (SSDs & DVD) question
1 x DVD (for installation in drive bay)
DVD drive question
 mSATA SLC SSD, 8-64GB, -40°C to +85°C, read 240MB/s, write 180MB/s
 mSATA MLC SSD, 8-128GB, -40°C to +85°C, read 240MB/s, write 145MB/s
mSATA expansion question
ask MPL for details
M.2 module question
2 x fan (only for 2U rack), including 1 x controller for fan (speed and temperatur)
Fan question
SFP+ -10X
10Gbit SFP+, 850nm, 400m multi mode (OM4), incl. Diagnostic, Duplex LC connector, -40°C to +85°C
SFP+ multi mode module question
SFP+ -20X
10Gbit SFP+, 1310nm, 10km single mode, incl. Diagnostic, Duplex LC connector, -40°C to +85°C
SFP+ single mode module question

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