Automotive Applications


Oil Exploration

  • USA & Singapore
  • PIP is mounted externally on the truck chassis
  • PIP11-1 with CAN expansion, formerly a PIP 8-1
  • All parts in extended temperature
  • Reliability and robustness, as it is being used on truck out in the dessert next to oilfield, is essential and a must

Data Logger for car development & test

  • Worldwide
  • PIP product used as data logger
  • The PIP7 is mounted below the glove box and is used to collect, process, and display data (digital and analog)
  • Key points: compact, rugged, 8-28V power supply, flexible

High Speed Camera for crash tests

  • Switzerland
  • Worlds most compact High-G, battery operated camera
  • up to 32'000 frames per second
  • up to 100G for +/-15ms in 3 axes
  • 5.2Gb internal Memory
  • Extreme temperature -40C up to +85C
  • Firewire and Gbit Ethernet
  • Designed & produced by MPL

In-Vehicle Data acquisition and analysis in race car

  • Netherlands
  • PIP computer installed in a race car
  • Connected to the various systems by CAN-bus
  • The acquired data is stored on the computer, sent to the pit crew and displayed to the driver. Based on this information, the team makes its decisions for the best strategy.
  • System runs under Linux

Car Diagnostic Interface

  • Switzerland
  • Communication module Intranet/Internet and direct link to car-company
  • Depopulated PIP with 3 LAN Interfaces
  • Remote maintenance, all under Linux
  • Reliability of PIP was key, as each car during maintenance is connected over the PIP to the car-company for updates

PIP used as embedded car PC

  • USA
  • Development of Driver Awareness System
  • Key points: compactness, ruggedness, and flexibility of the PIP, and capability for custom developed LVDS interfaces
  • PIP and other required equipment was built in the trunk without any shock absorbers. The panel is integrated in the dash board

Ticketing system in Buses

  • Finland
  • Public Transport fare collection
  • Accepts Magnetic Cards and Smart Cards
  • Linux Operating System
  • Special BIOS solution (Postscreen)
  • Specific carrier board designed and produced by MPL
  • SW support for all drivers by MPL
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