Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Bypass Switch


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Active in-line security appliances are single point of failures in live computer networks because if the appliance loses power, experiences a software failure, is taken off-line for updates or upgrades traffic no longer can flow thru the critical link. The bypass switch (IEBY) removes this point of failure by automatically switching the traffic via the bypass to keep the critical network linked up.

The IEBY Bypass switch increases the network reliability. The two network ports in a bypass switch create a fully passive in-line connection that maintains traffic even in absence of power. Micro relays connect the two ports when power is absence.

Theory of Operation

Bypass disabled - Normal Mode:
The traffic flows through the IEBY ports before it travels through the appliance and back to the network.
Bypass Enabled - Bypass Mode:
During the downtime of the appliances ports the traffic will be redirected over the IEBY. After clearance of the issue the Bypass will be automatically disabled again and the system will operate in its normal mode.

The bypass is configurable in terms of:

• Watchdog functionality
• Start-up Delay
• Grace Period

Suitable for

The IEBY can be integrated in any MPL embedded computer solution (PIP, CEC, MXCS) or networking products.
(the solution is also available with lockable headers instead of the RJ45)

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