UNIGET Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #398: Can this PCIe/104 card also be used in a system with a PCI/104 or PC/104-Plus extension bus?
Answer: No. As this card is based on one (or more) PCIe interface chips, the use of a PCIe/104 capable host system is mandatory.
For some special applications, it is possible to have PCI/104 cards installed on top of the UNIGET.

Question #397:
  • Can I stack multiple UNIGET cards together?
  • Can I install other cards on top of the UNIGET card?
Answer: No. The UNIGET is designed in such a way that it has to be installed on the top of the stack.

Question #394: I want to use a 3rd-party SFP module on your UNIGET card, but it does not work. What's wrong?
Answer: The UNIGET card is a little bit picky about which kind of SFP modules are supported and which are not.
Please check that your SFP module matches the requirements mentioned in chapter 3.5 of the "UNIGET User Manual" or use a MPL certified SFP as mentioned in the MPL price list.

Question #395: I want to use your UNIGET card on a non-MPL system, but the [PXE | iSCSI | FC] boot option seems not to be present/working. How can I fix this?
Answer: You can use the latest Intel BootUtil Tool to update/activate the various boot option on the UNIGET card.
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