MPL AG Product Overview

PIP Overview

Rugged Embedded Computers (PIP)

Compact, robust, low power, fanless, and ready to use Industrial Computers with Intel CPUs. They come with a long term availability guarantee and fit on a DIN rail.
  • Rugged, Fanless, Embedded
  • Extreme low power consumption
  • Extended temperature -40 - +75C
  • Expansions PC/104-Plus, PCI, and PMC
  • Long-term availability (embedded program)
CEC Overview

Compact Embedded Computers (CEC)

Ultra compact, robust, fanless, and low power Embedded Computers with Intel processors. The systems are offered with long term availability and come in a rugged housing with different mounting options.
  • Ultra compact fanless systems
  • Extended temperature -40 - +85C
  • Solutions with Intel CPUs
  • Customized versions (design, function)
  • Long-term availability (embedded program)
Ethernet Overview

Industrial Network Solutions

IP based industrial-grade networking devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, and media converters. They are designed to work in harsh environments with extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration, making them the ideal solution for industrial environment.
  • Easy to integrate
  • Robust, industrial products
  • Extended temperature available
  • Long-term availability guarantee
Panel Overview

Fanless embedded Panel Computer Solutions

The Panel-PIPs are specifically designed for the rugged and sensitive environments like medicine, maritime, food industry, as well as for any industrial application where quality is a requirement.
  • Solutions with 6.3" up to 21" LCDs
  • IP65 / NEMA 4 protected (all around)
  • Fanless aluminum and stainless steel housings
  • Optional with touch
  • Extended temperature solutions
MIP Overview

Rugged Embedded CPU Boards (MIP)

The name MIP (MPL Industrial PC) stands for a compact, robust, low power, fanless universal Industrial PCs in various form factor with a long term availability guarantee.
  • PowerPC, x86, ARM CPUs
  • Extended temperature solutions
  • For reliable and rugged industrial use
  • Low power consumption starting at 2 watt
  • Long-term availability
Peripheral Overview

Rugged Industrial Peripherals

Although the MPL Processor boards are traditionally equipped quite well, special interfaces like A/D converters are almost always required in industrial applications. Therefore, we provide you with a selection of peripheral cards to extend the capabilities of the MPL processor boards.
  • Reliable and rugged PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and mezzanine boards
  • PC cards, Ethernet, digital and analog I/O, serial lines, CAN, ...
  • IDE based storage solutions (CF and PCC)
  • Free available drivers

[Single Euro Cards (IPM)] Single Euro Cards (IPM)
  • Compact PCI and G-96 solutions
  • Embedded Motorola and Intel CPUs
  • Optimized for low power consumption
  • Extended temperature solution
  • Fanless designs for best reliability
  • Various peripheral boards
[PC-Card Products (PCMCIA)] PCMCIA Readers/Writers (MCDISK)
  • RS232 PCMCIA drives, MCRW
  • Desktop and 3.5" open frame versions
  • Extended temperature available (-25 to +85°C)
  • For industrial use, rugged environments
  • Used in digital photography, aviation, ....

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