LAN104 Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #299: I try to use a LAN104-2 and another PC104+ card, but either one half of the LAN104-2, the PC104+ card or both do not work correctly.
Answer: The LAN104-2 implements two completely separated PCI devices on a single PC104+ card. So two consecutive slot numbers need to be reserved for the LAN104-2 to work properly. Please check chapter 3.2 "Switch Settings" of the "LAN104 User's Manual" for more information.

Question #349: Can this PC/104-Plus card also be used in a system with a PC/104 (ISA part) only stack?
Answer: No. As this card is based on one (or more) PCI interface chips, the use of a PC/104-Plus capable host system is mandatory. The main purpose to the provided PC/104 connector is to pass-through the ISA signals to allow the installation of additional PC/104 cards.

Question #283: Does my operating system support the LAN104?
Answer: If your OS has drivers for the AMD PCnet TM-FAST III Ethernet Controller, it will work with the LAN104.

Question #282: Can I use the LAN104 with fiber optical cables?
Answer: Generally the LAN104 does only support 10/100Base-TX ethernet. If you want to connect to other kinds of networks you require an external converter. Such ethernet tranceivers boxes are third party parts (available from D-Link, Allied Telesyn, many others).
If you are using a LAN104-RJ you can use a 10/100Base-TX to 100 Base-FX transceiver for example.
There is also the possibility to use a LAN104-1MII/-2MII and an MII- to 100 Base-FX transceiver for example. This MII solution has the advantage that no extra power supply for the external transceiver is required. For the connection of a standard MII conncector, to the mini-Ribbon connector of the LAN104-MII, an adapter print is available.
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