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MPL AG Newsletter June 2022

Flexible IO Expansion for the new CEC20 Family (FIME)
The CEC20 announced recently, comes already with broad functionality. However, each project is different and needs special attention. For this need, MPL has designed an expansion interface board for the CEC20 called FIME, a standard solution for most expansion needs.

The FIME is designed to expand MPLs CEC2x Industrial SBC Family with up to 3 additional Mini PCI Express sockets, two additional Graphics Interfaces, two additional 2.5GbE Interfaces, additional SATA Interface and other additional functionality.
IO Expansion FIME
- Up to 3 mPCIe Sockets
- 1x SATA Controller with dual SATA3.0
- 1x DVI-D Interface
- 1x VGA Interface
- 2x 2.5GbE Nbase-T Interface
- Optional Supercap connection
- CMOS socket for easy battery access
- SERLED MK.2 socket for easier cable management
- Additional Power Connector (to either replace the Power Connector on the CEC2x or to connect 2 independent power supplies)

The connection to the CEC2x is done over the MPL specific expansion port. If you requires other features then the one on the standard CEC2x and FIME, you may let us know as most can be easily implemented with a custom FIME or over the mPCIe slots.

The design of the FIME is done according the standard design rules of MPL meaning it can be easily be used in Defense or Railways application in rugged IP 67 housings.

For more information about the FIME, please visit www.mpl.ch/t2697.html or contact MPL AG directly.

For more information about the new CEC20 Family, please visit www.mpl.ch/t2660.html.

IO Expansion FIME
     CEC20 with an integraded FIME                                  MIL version with FIME built in IP67 MIL housing

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