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MPL AG Newsletter July 2021

Most rugged conductive cooled Computer
with additional 3072 CUDA-Cores (NVIDIA RTX 5000)
Conductive Cooled Computer
Valued reader,

MPL’s strength are computing and network solutions that work without the need of any active cooling. We have been providing passive cooling concepts for more than 35 years. Thousands of fanless solutions perform trouble free its services in the toughest environments for years.

The conductive cooling solutions from MPL are not achieved by using heat pipes. The concept starts with the design of the MPL CPU boards, its peripherals, and the selection of parts. This method allows to mount our solution in any orientation a customer needs or has space, compared to heat pipe solutions.

Only low power consumption and long-term available parts are selected. The heat generating components are being placed without any compromises on the back side of the base board. This, to connect all hot spots directly to the surface of the case. To achieve this specific design, special know-how is needed to allow changes of the reference design Intel provides. Most in the market available products are derived from the reference design of Intel, which are created for the commercial computers. Needless to point out that such designs are not ideal for a rugged environments.

With the special engineering know-how, many years of experience, MPL designed another milestone in it 35 years of engineering. A conductive cooled Xeon E-2276 & i7-9850 9th generation CPU systems with integrated NVIDIA RTX 5000 GPU cards with 3072 CUDA-Cores. The total solution requires no fan and can be operated in an environment of -20°C up to +55°C.

For a rapid prototype for development and test of the application SW, we can offer an industrial version which is technically identical to the final solution.

In addition to the GPU card, the system (shown) comes with additional features like:
Conductive Cooled Computer - up to 128GB ECCDDR4
- GigE ports
- CAN ports
- Isolated serial ports
- Isolated digital IOs
- Dual HD-SDI
- Dual DVI
- Audio
- 12-32V DC input according to MIL-STD-1275D
- Secure mounting of two 2.5" SSD
- All packaged into a IP67 conductive cooled housing

This is just a typical solution. Any changes or additional features can be integrated. If you have different needs, please talk to us.

The rugged conductive cooled computer is 100% engineered and manufactured by MPL AG in Switzerland. This guarantees best quality, long-term availability, and long-time repair, and gives you security you can trust.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Your MPL team

Contact information:
 Täfernstrasse 20
 CH-5405 Dättwil
phone: +41 (0)56 / 483 34 34
email: info@mpl.ch
email: sales@mpl.ch
internet: www.mpl.ch

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