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Jul 2020 - Swiss engineered Firewall/Router/Access Point for rugged Environments


The new µGUARD acts as multi purpose Firewall / Router / Access Point and comes with long-term availability. The design is optimized for ultra low power consumption, small size (SwaP-C) and with highest flexibility, plus the capability for operation in extended temperature (-40° up to +85°C).

The new rugged µGUARD can be expanded with up to 10 additional manageable LAN ports. The µGUARD adds a reliable and unique product to MPL’s Industrial Network Solutions.

The new µGUARD comes with features like:
• Wide input voltage range 8-36VDC (others on request)
• 1 Gbit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 Mbit support)
• 2 x mPCIe slot for WLAN, GPRS, LTE, mSATA SSD...
• 1 x M.2 slot with dual SIM support for LTE
• Security proven OpenWRT operating system
• Long-term availability

The µGUARD is available as OpenFrame on a cooling plate to be mounted in existing housings or cabinets, and in a standard industrial housing for wall or DIN-rail mounting. If the application requires fiber, we integrate our well proven TX2FX module. Alternatively, MPL offers a firewall solution with RJ45, M12, or MIL-38999 connectors. The standard operation temperature range is -20°C to +60°C and is optionally available in extended temperature with -40° up to +85°C.

The µGUARD comes preinstalled with an adapted version of OpenWRT ( This Linux based embedded distribution provides all functionality required for operation as IPV4 and/or IPV6 firewall and router. The vast amount of additional packages available in conjunction with MPL support, allows to create your security solution for every routing or firewall project.

Most of the configuration for the firmware installed can be done using a web based interface. For more specialized requirements, a console based configuration utility is available. All configuration is stored on the device in a human friendly text format and can be modified using a text editor, too.

A wide range of functionality can be installed using a package repository that contains more then 2000 pre-compiled applica­tions ready to install. A software development kit (SDK), allowing to implement customer specific applications, is available as well. 

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More information about the µGUARD


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