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Jun 2017 - New rugged fanless Xeon Server Solution with up to 16 Cores


The new fanless Xeon server from MPL enables to use a powerful server in rugged applications. The solution is available with a fanless enclosure or open frame. The concept offers substantially more processing power, more memory capacity, more flexibility (M-COTS), than any fanless solutions in the past.
The MXCS (MPL Xeon Class Server) has been designed with the same design philosophy as in the past 32 yeas of designing rugged fanless MPL products. The concept "Rugged by Design" has been applied, and results in a Server solution with highlights like:
- Fanless design
- Use of components in extended temperature
- Use of components out of embedded program with long-term availability
- Designed to meet most rugged requirements
Just to mention a few design highlights.

The design of the Xeon server solution is such that the system can be passivly conductive cooled. This fact the operation of the system even in the extended temperature range. The conductive cooling concept can be adjusted to the actual application and installation place. Therefore it is universal, on request it can be even equipped with a failure protected ventilation array.
The MXCS is modular and therefore extremely flexible and can be used in any rugged application. It can be used with an enclosure as shown for wall or desktop mounting, as 19" rack with 1.5 HE or 2 HE, depending on the internal expansions and selected cooling mechanism.
The MXCS is, as all other MPL products, SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cooling) oriented and requires less than 60W in full operation. The units comes with several internal buses for expansions (M-COTS). The MXCS commes with features like
- 4 x mSATA or M.2 for mass storage
- 4 x mPCIe slots with retention capabilities
- 4 x PCIe x1 or 1 x PCIe x8 and 1 x PCIe x1
- Expansion capabilities for GPGPU on MXM, PCIe (eg. RAID, high end graphics or XMC modules.
- Up to 128GB registered ECC DDR4 memory
- BMC for remote management (IPMI)
- Redundant Boot Flash
- Optional TPM module, with Intel chip or FPGA.
The MXCS is the perfect solution for an unlimited range of application like C4ISR, EW, imaging processing, surveillance, virtual machines, data center processing or any application that requires most processing power in a small space without the need of a fan and highest reliability.
The MXCS is 100% designed and produced by MPL AG in Switzerland. The MXCS is designed to meet most standards like CE, UL, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-1275D, CE, EN50155 or IEC 60945. The MXCS conforms to standards like all other proven Embedded Computer and Networking products from MPL AG, supplied for the past 32 years. For more specific information, please contact MPL AG.

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