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400MHz CPU board passes radiation testing for Space Station

The MIP405 Single Board Computer has passed NASA testing for radiation exposure in the space environment.


The MIP405 Single Board Computer has passed NASA's testing for radiation exposure in the space environment. This test approximates the effects of ionizing radiation that are typically found in the orbits of the space shuttle or orbiting space station. The MIP405's measure of success is its ability to exhibit neither destructive latch up nor single event burnout, both during and after NASA's extensive tests, which were done with a 200 Mega-electron Volt proton beam directed at the unit. Based on the results of these tests, the MIP405 is scheduled for use on the International Space Station in 2006.

The MIP405 is a PC/104-Plus Single Board Computer with a PowerPC processor with 400MHz. It is a complete computer on a 3.78 x 3.55 inch (95.9 x 90.2 mm) card, featuring on board soldered SDRAM with ECC support, FLASH, EPROM support, Ethernet, four serial ports, USB ports, two IDE ports, a JTAG/IBM RISCWatch header, and the full PC/104-Plus interface. Extended temperature operating range (-40°C up to +85°C) and conformal coating are options.

The MIP405 comes with the Open Source "U-Boot" bootloader supported by MPL . Various boot sources are available like USB, Ethernet, IDE, FLASH. Also a MPL Embedded Linux distribution and development chain is available. Realtime OS BSP like VxWorks, QNX are available as well. All MPL products are produced and designed in Switzerland. MPL is your reliable partner to work with, today as well as tomorrow.

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