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10 Reasons to buy Products from MPL AG

1. Continuity

Since 1985, MPL has been the industry leader in developing and manufacturing rugged, fanless electronics, and embedded systems for customers demanding best quality. MPL's commitment to design, high reliability, low power consumption, extended temperature, and long-term available products are the cornerstones of our success.

2. Innovation

MPL products differ clearly from other products on the market. Most other products are cost optimized, but neglect the quality in design control, life cycle management, low power consumption, and MTBF optimization found in each MPL product. MPL maintains special agreements and relationships with the major chip suppliers who offer MPL early access to the latest technology developments.

3. Unmatched Quality

MPL products are designed from inception to insure high reliability when operating in rugged and tough military environments. A further development focus is to produce consistent, stable, long-term available products, helping to reduce our customers TCO.

4. Low power Design increases MTBF

We design products and solutions that have the lowest possible power consumption in the industry. They generate less heat, less stress, and therefore a higher MTBF value with a better reliability rate as the proven result.

5. Extended Temperature Range (-40°C up to +85°C)

Each standard MPL product withstands operating temperatures of -20°C to +60°C. Products with the extended temperature option receive additional specific product tests and test cycles in our climatic chambers. Test reports are delivered with each product. Wherever possible, components with a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C will be selected.

6. Long-term available Solutions

Our main target is long-term availability, as this is a major cost reduction factor for our customer. Whenever possible, MPL uses products out of the embedded road map from various suppliers. MPL maintains end-of-life stock to ensure longevity of supply and longevity of repair. Typical long-term availability is 10 years after introduction, and repairs over 20 years.

7. Highly Ruggedized

MPL products are specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental operations. In numerous applications, MPL COTS products have proven their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, thermal cycling stress, high shock, and vibration conditions. They have been used worldwide on vehicles, trains, airplanes, and land based applications, according standards like MIL-STD-810G, EN50155, IEC 60945, ....

8. Reliable Partnership

MPL offers to its customers and business partners a long-term, cooperative engagement. Our financial strength and independence is important to sustain MPL's growth and future.

9. Closeness

Our distributors are near you! To serve our customers the best, we maintain a global distributor network which will handle your local pre- and post sales support.

10. MPLcare

MPLcare is a system which is maintained by design engineers, management, and the MPL administration team. MPLcare is provided to each customer free of charge and includes technical support questions answered in less than 24 hours by the product design engineering team.