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• Solutions with 6.3" up to 19" LCDs
• IP65 / NEMA 4 protected (all around)
• Aluminum and stainless steel housings
• Optional with touch
• Extended temperature solutions
• Fanless, rugged systems
• Solutions with Intel CPUs
• Rugged, Fanless, Embedded
• Extreme low power consumption
• Extended temperature -40 - +75C
• Expansions over PC/104-Plus, PCI, and PMC
• Long-term availability (embedded program)
• IP67 MIL Outdoor PC
• PowerPC, x86, ARM CPUs
• Extended temperature solutions
• For reliable and rugged industrial use
• Low power consumption starting at 2 watt
• High flexibility, depopulation for cost optimization
• Long-term availability
• Reliable and rugged industrial PC/104, PC/104-Plus, and mezzanine boards
• PC cards, Ethernet, digital and analog I/O, serial lines, CAN, Switch, ....
• IDE based storage solutions ( CF and PCC)
• Free available drivers
• Ultra compact fanless systems
• Complete systems without any wiring
• Extended temperature -40 - +85C
• Solutions with Intel CPUs
• Customized versions (design, function)
• Long-term availability (embedded program)
• For reliable and rugged industrial use
• IP based industrial-grade networking solutions for the rugged environment
• Easy to integrate
• Robust, industrial products
• Extended temperature available
• Long-term availability guarantee

MPL AG, Designer & Manufacturer of embedded computer and micro-controller hardware for rugged environment, extended temperature range and with long term availability.

  • Rugged embedded design for environment temperature up to -40 to 85C (24/7)
  • Long-term available - typically 10 years or more after first introduction
  • 100% designed and manufactured in Switzerland by MPL AG

Rugged Industrial Computers
Compact Embedded Computer
Industrial Ethernet
Embedded CPU Boards
Fanless Panel Computer
Rugged Industrial Peripherals
Single Euro Cards
PCMCIA Reader/Writer

Wide temperature Computer
Maritime Solutions
Railway Solutions
MIL / COTS Solutions
Avionics / Aerospace

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